Video: The Conservative Policy Summit Sets the Agenda for 2014

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Reporting for the Foundry, Heritage’s Jackie Anderson reviews yesterday’s Conservative Policy Summit, held yesterday by Heritage Action for America.

The event brought together nine lawmakers to help define and advance a principled, conservative reform agenda for 2014.

“We’re conservatives first and foremost,” Heritage President Jim DeMint said, so we should put our principles above partisan advantage.

What reforms do you think conservatives should push in 2014?

How Heritage Helped Convince Lawmakers to Forego Amnesty


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The New York Times credits The Heritage Foundation with giving conservative lawmakers the intellectual ammunition to block amnesty legislation:

Still, the conservative groups, sensing an opening, clearly provided the arguments that prevailed. Heritage Foundation figures like Robert Rector provided intellectual heft for Republicans looking for arguments to oppose their leaders. As House members gathered in Cambridge, Md., to hash over the issue, Heritage posted on its Foundry blog the argument that would ultimately win the day.

Derrick Morgan, the think tank’s vice president for domestic and economic policy, was succinct and directive: “During their retreat, Republicans in Congress are considering what they should do. Congress should not trust the president as a partner to push an unpopular amnesty.”

For good measure, Heritage posted a video featuring Mr. Morgan making that case — and opening with a call for action on immigration from Mr. Obama, a messenger most conservatives reflexively resist.

Do you think lawmakers should consider an immigration reform that includes amnesty?

Video: Peter Brookes Explains the Terror Threat in Sochi

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Terrorists have threatened to attack the Winter Olympics at Sochi, and “we have to take them at their word,” Heritage Foundation national security expert Peter Brookes said yesterday on CNN’s Situation Room.

Russian officials have created a security cordon around Sochi. By limiting vehicle access, officials can keep track of everyone coming in and going out of the “ring.”

Despite Russia’s efforts to flood the area with security, however, Brookes maintains that it’s still a dangerous situation. Terrorists “could have somebody inside this ‘ring of steel’ already,” he warned.

Terrorists don’t even need to strike the games themselves to make themselves felt, he added. Any attack within Russia will be viewed as compromising the security of the games.

Do you think Russia can protect the Olympic Games? Watch the whole video above and tell us in the comments

The 2014 Index of Economic Freedom Hong Kong Launch Was a Success

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In Heritage Impact

Dr. Feulner and Terry Miller launch Heritage's 2014 Index of Economic Freedom in Hong Kong

Heritage Founder Ed Feulner, left, joins Heritage’s Terry Miller to launch Heritage’s 2014 Index of Economic Freedom in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is once again the world’s freest economy, according to Heritage’s 2014 Index of Economic Freedom.

It has very low rates of corruption, a simple and efficient tax system, competitive regulations, and open markets, all of which combine to make it an economy to aspire to.

So it’s appropriate that Heritage launched the 2014 Index, our 20th anniversary edition, in Hong Kong last month.

Hong Kong is the most dynamic financial and economic hub in Asia, a bastion of economic freedom compared to its political masters in China.

Perhaps reflecting the Hongkongese pride in their achievement, the media turned out in large numbers to cover the event. All told, more than 250 articles from around the globe reported the Index’s launch in just one week.

Watch a video of the launch below

Do you think Hong Kong can be a model of economic freedom for America?

Video: Ed Haislmaier Discusses Long Wait Times to See a Doctor

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In Heritage Impact

Heritage Foundation health care expert Ed Haislmaier appeared yesterday on Fox Business to explain a report about long wait times to see new doctors, Obamacare’s effects on emergency rooms, and the potential for “concierge” medical care for wealthier consumers.

Heritage’s James Capretta and Kevin Dayaratna argue that free enterprise offers a better solution for health care than top-down government programs like Obamacare.

Watch the full video above.

Honduras’ Leadership ‘Absolutely Loves Heritage’

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In Heritage Impact

Heritage expert Ana Quintana poses with outgoing Honduran president Pepe Lobo.

Heritage expert Ana Quintana, right, poses with outgoing Honduran President Pepe Lobo.

To develop policies that advance America’s interests and promote freedom abroad, Heritage Foundation foreign policy experts maintain close contact with many foreign leaders.

Heritage Latin America expert Ana Quintana, for example, was invited by Honduras’ leaders to attend their presidential inauguration.

She attended the inauguration of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández this week, and had a chance to meet with the outgoing president, Pepe Lobo.

“The conservative party of Honduras is a strong supporter of Heritage,” Quintana reports from Tegucigalpa. “I’ve met more fans of Heritage down here than in some places in DC.”

Quintana recommends that the United States expand security cooperation with Honduras. She also urges Latin American governments to reduce government interventions in their economies; Honduras has slipped in the Index of Economic Freedom.

Border Patrol Chief Urges Staff to Read Book by Heritage Expert

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In Heritage Impact

CBP patchA 2005 book on homeland security by Heritage Foundation expert James Carafano has been added to a reading list for the Border Patrol.

In a memo sent last week, Border Patrol Chief Michael Fisher urged “all agents, regardless of rank,” to read Homeland Security: A Complete Guide and other titles.

Homeland Security, cowritten with Mark Sauter, provides guidance about the mission and responsibilities of security personnel at the federal, state, and local levels.

Heritage research on homeland security has been influential with policymakers, and has led to important reforms within the Department of Homeland Security.

Heritage Wins Award for Our Work to Promote Conservative Ideas On Social Media

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In Heritage Impact

Twitter recognized Heritage’s digital team this week with a “Tweetie” for our work to promote conservative ideas on social media.

The prize for Best Use of Rich Media in a Promoted Tweet was awarded for a message that shared a Heritage video about Obamacare during the debate over defunding the law last fall.

This is not the first time Heritage has “hijacked” the liberal message with social media. In 2012, millions of people saw this Heritage message on the #My2K hashtag instead of President Obama’s push for tax hikes:

This disrupted the administration’s messaging and ensured millions were exposed to conservative ideas. Several major news outlets picked up on Heritage’s Twitter efforts: the Wall Street Journal; the AtlanticNational JournalReuters; the Chicago Tribune; and PBS.

This is an example of Heritage’s quick, creative and innovative ability to reach out to the general public and promote our principled conservative values. Heritage’s Ericka Andersen told the Wall Street Journal that our success is “a matter of getting on the trends as they emerge, rather than getting on them too late.”

Be sure to follow @Heritage on Twitter.

Video: James Carafano on the ‘Bogus Deal’ With Iran

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The Obama administration’s agreement with Iran over its nuclear weapons is a bad deal, Heritage Foundation vice president James Carafano said on Blaze TV yesterday.

He elaborates on National Review Online:

the U.S. has already negotiated away its strongest leverage on the regime (the economic sanctions). The preemptive giveaway makes it less — not more — likely that the West will get an ironclad deal in six months. What is more likely is that Tehran will have set us up for another round of “rope-a-dope” bargaining — either stringing out negotiations even longer, or walking away as they blame the U.S. for being unreasonable.

Iranian leaders have been calling the deal a victory for Iran. Do you think the agreement is a good deal?

Jim Roberts Explains America’s Decline in Economic Freedom on CNBC

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In Heritage Impact

Heritage Foundation scholar Jim Roberts appeared on CNBC’s Kudlow Report last night to explain why the United States has fallen out of the world’s top ten freest economies in Heritage’s 2014 Index of Economic Freedom.

Read more about America’s seven-year decline in the Index.

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