Heritage Analysis Credited with Ending Wasteful Government Program

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Manufacturing and Technology News credits The Heritage Foundation with changing the debate on Trade Adjustment Assistance, an ineffective government program that offered training and other benefits to workers affected by foreign trade:

In the past, conservative backers of free trade understood that in order to pass trade agreements and Trade Promotion Authority, there needed to be a safety net — and political cover — for the workers losing their jobs to imports. But that compact has disappeared.

After the Heritage Foundation issued a paper in 2011 titled “Let the Ineffective and Wasteful [TAA] Program Expire,” “we saw the Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee who were pretty faithful supporters of the program take their foot off the accelerator,” says McHugh. “They weren’t interested in expanding the program with the improvements that were made.”

Here’s the 2011 report by Heritage’s David Muhlhausen, who pointed out that the program has done little to raise the wages of participants.

Do you think the government should continue an ineffective program like this?

Heritage Is ‘Formidable in the World of Think Tanks’


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Since Jim DeMint took their reins at Heritage last year, The Heritage Foundation has become an even more powerful force for conservative ideas.

“The one-two punch of scholarly research and grassroots activism has made Heritage formidable in the world of think tanks,” McClatchy’s William Douglas writes.

Douglas explains Heritage’s new assertiveness: Continue Reading »

How Conservative Principles Can End Poverty in America

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Work, marriage, and education–not government programs–are the antidotes to poverty, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) said last month at The Heritage Foundation’s Anti-Poverty Forum.

Scott, raised by a single mother in a working-class African-American community, drew on his personal experiences to explain why conservative solutions work best. Other speakers focused on health care reform, strengthening the family, and state-based reforms as necessary components for raising the living standards of the neediest.

Heritage’s annual Anti-Poverty Forum brings together academics, politicians, and leaders from non-profits and religious institutions to discuss conservative solutions to poverty and social breakdown. Heritage research shows that after 50 years, the liberal war on poverty has been a miserable failure.

During this year’s event, World Magazine highlighted the Jubilee Leadership Academy, a school that works with struggling young men to bring them off the streets and into American society as responsible citizens. The school won a $25,000 award from World Magazine. The Daily Signal tells the story of one of Jubilee’s students, Travis Crockett, who grew up in Chicago exposed to drugs, violence, and gangs at an early age.

Do you think conservative principles offer solutions to poverty?

Jeff Sessions Condemns Obama’s Amnesty in a Speech at Heritage


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Senator Sessions (R-AL) speaks at the Heritage Foundation

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) says that President Obama “undermines the moral integrity” of our laws.

Speaking today at The Heritage Foundation, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) condemned President Obama’s unilateral executive amnesty for ignoring America’s laws and “undermining their moral integrity.”

Granting amnesty to those who violated our immigration laws is not just unconstitutional but would undermine the rule of law, he said:

Do you believe in open borders? Or do you believe in a sovereign state that has a legitimate right to establish [rules of] entrance and exit in our country? People want a system that is lawful, that they can be proud of.

Giving away four million work permits could have consequences for the economy, Sessions said. It could drive up unemployment and lower wages, particularly for those with lower incomes.

Was President Obama right to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants by executive dictat? Tell us in the comments.

Video: Jim DeMint Exposes President Obama’s Amnesty on CNN


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President Obama’s amnesty is both unlawful and “unfair to those who have come here the legal way,” Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer yesterday.

Despite the President’s rhetoric, DeMint argued during the ten-minute interview, giving work permits to those who came here illegally amounts to amnesty.

DeMint’s interview ensured that millions of Americans heard a principled, conservative alternative to the liberal spin on amnesty.

Watch the video above and tell us you think about this abuse of presidential power in the comments below.

Here’s the Truth About President Obama’s Bad Amnesty Plan


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President Obama announced a unilateral amnesty plan for illegal immigrants at a speech last night.

This plan is not just lawless and unconstitutional but bad policy, Heritage’s David Inserra writes in the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Addressing the National Council of La Raza in 2011, President Barack Obama said it was “tempting” to bypass Congress on immigration. “But,” he quickly added, “that’s not how our system works; that’s not how our democracy functions; that’s not how our Constitution is written.”

Today the president is singing a different tune, vowing to ignore Congress and unilaterally grant administrative amnesty to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants via “executive action.” Last week, the White House’s 10-point plan was leaked to Fox News and The New York Times. Mr. Obama, it seems, is determined to disregard the limits of presidential power and plunge our nation into a constitutional crisis.

The president argues, in essence, that because Congress hasn’t passed legislation granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, he has no choice but to ram it through on his own. In addition to flouting the democratic process and undermining the rule of law, this autocratic course of action will actually encourage yet another wave of illegal immigration — worsening rather than relieving the problem.

What do you think Congress should do to stop President Obama’s overreach?

3 Steps the New Congress Can Take to Control Debt

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Congress should cut spending and rein in the national debt, Heritage Foundation economist Romina Boccia argues in The Hill.

Boccia has three suggestions for the incoming Congress:

  1. Reform the big three entitlement programs – Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Reform should be focused on helping those who are truly in need and discouraging dependence on the government. If nothing is done, 85 percent of spending increases will come from these three programs alone.
  2. Cut duplicative, wasteful government spending and spending that’s outside of federal authority. Boccia suggests an independent commission charged with finding ways to whittle away at waste and cut back on spending that exceeds the proper scope of the federal government.
  3. Control spending with firm caps. “Spending caps that limit spending growth to the rate of inflation encourage Congress and federal agencies to operate more efficiently and prioritize spending in the public interest,” she explains.

What spending would you cut first? Tell us in the comments.

Video: Making the Case for the Keystone Pipeline

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Congress this week failed to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which has been bottled up by red tape. The debate over the pipeline, which would help reduce your energy costs, is sure to continue after the new Congress takes office in January.

Earlier this year, NBC’s Meet the Press featured a debate about the pipeline between Heritage Foundation energy expert Nick Loris and a Sierra Club representative.

Watch the video above, then tell us in the comments who you think won the debate.

Video: Will President Obama Work with the New Congress?

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President Obama misunderstands the powers and responsibilities of his office, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint said on Fox News this week. This complicates his relationship with the new Congress.

The president takes an oath to faithfully execute the laws. It’s not his job to create the laws. So when he says, “If Congress doesn’t act, I will,” that’s against his oath of office, against the Constitution. He is supposed to faithfully execute the laws that are passed by Congress. He needs to work with them to pass some laws that will move this country in the right direction, not create them on his own.

Are you optimistic that President Obama will work with the new Congress?

Heritage’s James Dean Earns Award from Polish Government for Advancing Freedom

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Heritage's James Dean, second from right, won an award from Poland for his work to advance freedom. Photo:  Matthew Stefanski, Embassy of Poland

Heritage’s James Dean, second from right, won an award from Poland for his work to advance freedom. Photo: Matthew Stefanski, Embassy of Poland

The Heritage Foundation’s James Dean was recognized by the Republic of Poland last week for his “outstanding contribution to the building of democratic society and democratic institutions.”

During Independence Day celebrations at the Polish Embassy in Washington, Dean was awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland by Ambassador Ryszard Schnepf.

Dean, who works at Heritage to communicate conservative ideas to America’s allies and build international coalitions for freedom, said he “feel[s] fortunate, humbled, and truly honored.”

Do you think it’s important to secure conservative ideas across the globe?

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