Heritage’s Daily Signal Will Tell You the Stories the Mainstream Media Won’t


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The media aren’t giving Americans the full picture of what’s going on, says Sharyl Attkisson, a former CBS News investigative reporter. The mainstream media tend “to censor or block stories that don’t fall in line with the message they want sent to the viewers,” Attkisson explains.

To fill this void, The Heritage Foundation launched The Daily Signal today as our multimedia news site.

In addition to news coverage that is fair, accurate, and trustworthy, The Daily Signal showcases and promotes the conservative commentary and policy analysis of The Heritage Foundation.  The Daily Signal establishes direct access to a broad audience, allowing our message to reach everyday Americans unfiltered. Continue Reading »

Heritage Expert Discusses Immigration Reform on C-SPAN

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America needs to reform its immigration system, Heritage Foundation vice president Derrick Morgan said today on C-SPAN, but should do so in a way that strengthens the economy and rejects amnesty.

Amnesty violates the rule of law by rewarding lawmakers and hurting those who followed the law, Morgan said during a 40-minute interview that included questions from around the country.

Read all Heritage research on immigration.

Watch the whole video above then tell us in the comments: Do you think amnesty is the right way to deal with immigration reform?

An NBC Reporter Praises Heritage? Yes.

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“Of all the think tanks in town, Heritage is the most efficient at getting the job done.”
–Steve Handelsman, NBC News

Heritage is committed not just to rigorous policy research, but also to communicating our message to the American people–and getting results. Even mainstream media outlets have taken note.


Heritage’s Nick Loris Helps Kick Off New NBC Series


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Earlier this month, NBC’s “Meet the Press” launched #MakeTheCase, a new web series featuring debates on key policy issues. So where do they turn to get the series off to a strong start? The Heritage Foundation.

The first video in the series features Heritage’s Nick Loris going head-to-head against the Sierra Club’s Michael Brune on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Watch the video above and then tell us in the comments, do you think we should build the Keystone XL pipeline?

Heritage’s Pfitzenmaier Crosses the Atlantic to Help Bridge the Generations

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Heather Pfitzenmaier

The Heritage Foundation’s Heather Pfitzenmaier recently represented the conservative movement at an international convention  of world leaders in Switzerland.

Pfitzenmaier, who directs Heritage’s Young Leaders Program, attended the St. Gallen Symposium, which features debates among world leaders about economic, political, and social issues.

This year’s conference focused on “the clash of generations,” especially how the views of the Millennial generation (those born roughly between 1980 and 2000) relate to those of older generations.

As the Director of the Young Leaders Program, Pfitzenmaier understands the importance of the conservative vision and the role young minds play in protecting America’s founding principles. The future of liberty depends on equipping the next generation with a strong foundation in these core ideas.

For example, Pfitzenmaier leads Heritage’s internship program to prepare young leaders to take on new responsibilities in the conservative movement.

Visit the Young Leaders Program page for more information about Heritage’s internship program and other opportunities for the next generation.

Japanese Prime Minister Meets with Heritage Experts

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Continuing their Asian tour this week, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint and Founder Ed Feulner met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and members of the Diet yesterday in Tokyo. The meeting focused in particular on defense issues.

Japanese press were waiting to talk with DeMint when he left:

Jim DeMint, center, speaks with press in Tokyo yesterday.

Jim DeMint, center, speaks with press in Tokyo yesterday.

What the Media Are Saying About The Daily Signal


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The media are covering the announcement that Heritage will launch The Daily Signal next month to reach more Americans with a conservative message.

Here’s a roundup of some of the reporting: Continue Reading »

Heritage Experts: We Need Immigration Reform, But Not Amnesty

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Heritage Foundation experts Derrick Morgan and Steve Moore published an op-ed in today’s Boston Globe encouraging lawmakers to consider immigration reform, but only a reform that rejects amnesty.

“A better legal immigration system is needed, along with a secure border and a willingness to enforce workplace laws,” they write. “Admission policies must encourage economic growth and assimilation, not encourage people to cross our borders illegally.”

They conclude:

Amnesty is a policy that proposes to fix a problem — illegal immigration — by rewarding those who created it. We favor a smart policy that preserves our immigrant heritage, stresses assimilation and strategically promotes the nation’s economic interests.

Read the whole article here.

Heritage Expert Promotes Missile Defense Cooperation in Testimony Before Canadian Parliament

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Michaela Dodge testifies before Canadian Parliament

Heritage Foundation expert Michaela Dodge testified last week before a committee of the Canadian Parliament about the ballistic missile threat and the importance of Canada’s cooperation with the United States on this vital issue.

Canada and the United States are increasingly vulnerable to missiles from rogue nations like Iran and North Korea, she told senators.

Cooperation between our two countries on missile defense would not only increase American security, but it would also offset the costs of defense in a time of declining budgets.

Do you think it’s important to work with our neighbors when it comes to matters of defense?

For Answers, ‘You Go to The Heritage Foundation,’ Former Congressman Says


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Every year, Congress is sent thousands of reports from various federal agencies. But they go largely unread by lawmakers. Instead, lawmakers turn to sources they trust, former Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL) tells the Washington Post:

“If you’re a Republican, you go to the Heritage Foundation, you go to the American Enterprise Institute,” Stearns said. “. . . You almost take the opinion that the outside groups are going to monitor these better than you and your staff can do.”

Where do you go for the facts on policy debates?

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