December 13, 2013

The short answer: no.

The deal, negotiated by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) and passed yesterday by the House of Representatives, increases spending and debt without advancing major conservative priorities.

Earlier this fall, Heritage Foundation experts said the budget talks were an opportunity for real fiscal reform:

A budget conference presents a rare opportunity to address the U.S. government’s key fiscal challenges. During this process, it is important to recognize some key principles that are necessary for a good outcome and for a prosperous American future. However, no deal is far preferable to a bad deal.

And unfortunately, this was a bad deal. It busts through spending caps and increases taxes and spending. According to Heritage’s Romina Boccia, a better deal would:

  1. Leave out tax increases and avoid changes to tax policy;
  2. Stop the unaffordable subsidies and Medicaid expansion of Obamacare, in order to ultimately stymie future debt;
  3. Structurally reform entitlements;
  4. Enforce lower levels of spending.

Do you think this was a good deal?

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Brian Will - December 13, 2013

Yes, they were. Unfortunately, we control only the House. The Senate and Presidency are in Democratic hands and able to sop anything they want, so a deal like this one, which ends the extended unemployment insurance, is a good one. If you want more, start winning elections!

Sandra Williams - December 13, 2013

The people of the United States have been totally betrayed by the very people we sent to Washington to protect us. No one talks about the real purpose of the health care bill. That purpose is the ultimate total control of the people. The leadership of both parties continue down a path that will end up in with two classes, the politically elite and the slaves who serve the elite. In all the years of my life, I never dreamed the Russian dictator who declared that we would fall from within was actually a prophet.

Ellen Elmore - December 13, 2013

NO – it was not a good deal for conservatives. On the other hand it gave the Democrats what they wanted. Where are the men and women of courage in the House? Did they all die with the last election?

Leon Hobdari - December 13, 2013

YES this was a good deal. I think we must be realistic…..


Doug Boone - December 13, 2013

Boehner and Co. Have been “playing the part” of “statesman” far to long. Selling out is the norm, not the exception! I WILL NOT vote again for a RINO – I’ll write in a name OR vote 3rd party. I sent $ to get ridd of Tom Dashel. I’ll do the same with Boehner and McConnell! Leave the party or change the stated tenets of the Repubican party! I’m tired of the wimps. Doug Boone

Rick Martin - December 13, 2013

Not a good deal, but I think this gets us majority’s
In both House AND Senate next Nov.

Dave Osborne - December 13, 2013

Win elections and we may get what we want.

James Coleman - December 13, 2013

I totally disagree with you on this and I am bother by the attempts to exert your influence over the last several months. Remove me from your mailing lists.

Jim Coleman

Brian Hoffman - December 13, 2013

I am a strong supporter of your goals but have become more and more concerned with your tactics! Lets win an election or two and then go to work for the American people. This budget is a none event! We are righting checks we can not cash with or without it and there is no way we can change it this year.

tim gilligan - December 13, 2013

My congressman Lee Terry sold us out. He was told by many Republicans in the 2nd Dist. that this was a bad compromise and he voted for it anyway. There are alot of Dems. in Omaha and he is trying to “smooth” up to them even though there is no Dem. Candidate at this time. Paul Ryan is a huge disappoint to me. I’m just about to become an independent. Sick of the NRC and Congressional Republicans SAYING they are Conservitive!!!

clifton phalen - December 13, 2013

I am a conservative through and through BUT I think you have your eye off the ball. The KEY issue is to take back the Senate in 2014. All this back biting doesn’t foster that goal. Recognize we own one third of government we can only get so much done. This budget is the best we can hope for, now concentrate on Obamacare and win the 2014 election. Keep your eye on the ball.

Gerry - December 13, 2013

This was not a good deal. I listened to Paul Ryan on the Great One’s talk show, and I don’t understand how he could have put something like this together. Come on people….it’s time to find and promote more fiscally conservative candidates to run against these rhinos. They’re all too comfortable in Washington, and they certainly aren’t listening to their base. Washington DC just keeps getting bigger off our hard earned dollars. They aren’t listening.

Estelle gurwood - December 13, 2013

Absolutely NO. They took a big step backwards. The establishment of the Republican Party needs to be voted out.
What a disappointment to the Americans who put them in office in 2910. Stupid move and a cowardly move as well.

Dean Johnson - December 13, 2013

Seldom feel different than Heritage, however, it is time to moderate the “rights” position, turn the American voters perception of the party of “no”…and…WIN some elections! The program is called “marketing”!

David Usher - December 13, 2013

You do what you can for both for fiscal and political reasons. Ryan has done the right thing. The important goal is to win R seats in the 2014 elections without creating a passle of negative publicity between now and then.

Donald H. Vance - December 13, 2013

I credit Paul Ryan with getting the best deal he could get without creating another government shutdown–which Obama would have loved–and successfully blamed on the GOP. Probably our only chance to get rid of Obamacare and cut government spendingis to win control in the 2014 elections. Heritage’s demands are “pie-in-the-sky”–DOA. We need to get the GOP and Tea Party working together, not at each other’s throats. Heritage could help us by finding good conservative candidates for 2014 and announcing their recommendations in time for us to give them the necessary financial support as early as the primaries.

Howard Cannon - December 13, 2013

The Ryan-Murray budget deal is bad for Conservatives and our Country.
I believe that 94 Republicans voted for it hoping we could keep the momentum in our favor and against Obama going into the 2014 elections. They were probably scared to upset the apple cart.
May be worth it in the long run if it’ll help us keep the House and get the Senate. Then we can make the rules like the Dems have been doing and challenge them to say anything about it and laugh at them if they do.
(Don’t ya just love to see a Liberal cry?)

Howard Cannon
Chesterfield, Va 23838-6167

John Michael Williams - December 13, 2013

The Speaker was right — the country (and the party) had to make it to the next election to gain a conservative majority in the House and Senate, and by your knee-jerk opposition you have jeopardized that.

Wake up! this agreement can be changed by a new Conservative Congress, AFTER IT’S ELECTED!

John Michael Williams

HC MANDELL - December 13, 2013

I agree 100% with Charles Krauthamer. You guys should listen to him. Your views are too close to Tea Party, and would lead to Republican slaughter in 2014.
(I’m a life long conservative, Tea Party leanings, except in this case. )

Philip Muir - December 13, 2013

A compromise is never a good deal, giving all they want to one side. This bill is the only deal possible now and is better than another government shut-down. It does represent some give and take on both sides – and, hopefully, is the beginning of the icejam in Congress that is resulting in not much of anything being passed. The Tea Party “all or nothing” approach is not working either. Our hope is to get out the vote so that the GOP can regain control of the Senate and maintain control of the House.

Kendall Busk - December 13, 2013

I think this will show that it has done nothing to stop Washington’s spend free attitude! Nothing to stop our debt! Did not stop Obamacare! Didn’t fix Medicaid! It was just politics as usual.

David Estes - December 13, 2013

here is the problem, this deal may well have been the best one that could be made. Does it address the real issues, no but I wouldn’t expect it would.
Holding Obama care into the mix would just result in a government slowdown where no one wins.
the goal of reforming government is a slow process one SMALL step at a time, consolidating programs, eliminating duplicate functions and defining the limits of government takes a lot of real work. This work is slow time consuming and has little to show, but this is where the rubber has to meet the road.
We need entitlement reform, but it isn’t going to happen in a big deal, rather like this budget deal in small steps, eliminating loopholes and holding people responsible both as individuals and as part of government.
The next issue is with a budget must come the various appropriation bills, that is where budgets can be decrease, changes made and worked on one area at a time.
If you want a quick fix, make sure the expiring tax breaks are not renewed next year, the article I read said there are 58 of them, put your focus there in breaking the ties between government and all types of private and public special interest.

Peter Twight - December 13, 2013

I think it a good deal
1] It will stop CRs that are Nancy Pelosi’s budget
2] it gets us back to voting on appropriated items, not shut downs that kill us.
3]Now we should fight and raise debt ceiling only a little while extracting entitlement reforms
4] Now we can focus on electing senators in 2014, and get on with impeaching Obama.

John Lowe - December 13, 2013

Of course it is not a good deal but it is not a bad deal considering the current balance of voting power in both the House and Senate. This act will keep the country alive and prevent the perceived need for ridiculous political stunts that may have ruined the Republicans chances in the 2014 elections. When the Republicans get the majority again, these matters may be revisited.

Ines Lormand - December 13, 2013

I believe that the budget deal that has been worked out is the best under the present circumstances. Promoting a budget that the Democrats could not support would have been as fruitless as the recent government shutdown for which the Republicans took more heat than the Democrats. I believe taking a more conciliatory approach at this time will benefit Republicans in the long run. First rule of business right now should be to shore up a victory in the 2014 election.

Dantes - December 13, 2013

It is now painfully and obviously clear the Beltway GOP represents its own self interest…power and money. It has no intention of repealing obamacare, prosecuting Benghazi or the other abuses of power, or rolling back spending.

Vote Tea Party and vote out the RINO’s. Otherwise we are doomed. It may already be too late.

Jim Hyler - December 13, 2013

Do not agree with budget deal….However, given the possibility of another shutdown which correctly or not Republicans were blamed for and impacted politically and the fact that 2014 elections are ahead seems to me the impact of this deal is minimal and we should be gearing up to fight Obamacare and position ourselves to win back the Senate in2014….

Dale Alber - December 13, 2013

Ryan you nade a big mistake in turning your back on Ameerica and Wisconsin. I and I hope many many Wisconson people will remember when you come up for election.AS for Boehner he was the biggest RINO before you. His days are numbered as Speaker!! His blos-w hard attitude today about the other congressmen just speeded the process of his retirment as Speaker.

Etelvina R. Patmas - December 13, 2013

The short answer: Yes.
The long answer: Oppose Democrats. Gain the Senate in 2014.

The better deal:

1. Start implementing real TAX Reform.
2. Following Obamacare failure, introduce real Health Care Reform for all the American people.
3. Reform Entitlements.
4. Enforce lower level of spending. Escalate plans upon gaining the Presidency in 2016.

Bill Chambers - December 13, 2013

It stabilizes budget negotiations for 2 years. It helps preserve the perception of a Republican Party. It keeps the focus on Obamacare. It does not provide more evidence that the Republican Party is the “shut-down-government” party. It avoids pragmatically useless public display of internal differences. It energizes the TP base to win in 2014. If successful, then, a new budget deal will be in the works. NO?

Jerry White - December 13, 2013

The excessive spending must stop. Adopt TEA party ideas.

Thomas Connors - December 13, 2013

Yes, it is a good deal. Now is the time to let the Obamacare train wreck be the focus of Conservative attention. Not another failed government shut down — budget battle, which last time did more to hurt the Conservative cause with moderate voters than advance it.

Judith Loftus - December 13, 2013

First of all, the deal was terrible, it should have never passed. It seems as if the majority of We The People dosen’t matter. We don’t want obamacare, we want flat tax across the board, we want to keep our rights, less government. The only decent men are Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, as far as I can see. Maybe Mark Levin should run for President., he surely makes a lot of sense. We The People are really tired of the criminals in this government.

Brad Lillmars - December 13, 2013

Yes, I think this is the best deal we Republicans can get. This is a war, and sometimes you have to give ground to come back stronger in another sector. We MUST win the Senate in 2014 to start the real process of turning this Country around. With control in both Houses, we stand a very good chance of impeaching the lying, good for nothing, tyrannical President. The Republicans stood on principle in Nevada and withdrew all support of Sharron Angle after a few foolish remarks. She wasn’t up to their standards. So we got Harry Reid….a real smart tradeoff.

Douglas L Perle - December 13, 2013

This is another example of professional politicians doing another poor job. NO Repub or Dem considers the people in these budget, ha ha, talks. Quite frankly, the Repubs are a failure and should change their name to Dempublican. They are no party of choice for me any longer. Like a brainwashed fool they fall in line with the Marxist regime.

Susan McCullough - December 13, 2013

You are making me sorry that I sent you another donation earlier this week. If we can’t win elections, we can’t change the dialogue or the direction of the country. Leadership like yours since DeMint took over is counterproductive to long term victory. You have become WAY too political and knee jerk. You make me tired.

Edmund Miksitz - December 13, 2013

This deal fixes nothing. It is politics-as-usual. There was no reason to make a deal. A responsible budget bill could have been passed in the House and sent to the Senate. Reduce spending in most agencies by 10% and the others by 1%. The Senate would resist that budget, but it cannot force the House to change it. The House could make minor concessions, but there was no reason to capitulate without a fight.

David Hogan - December 13, 2013

If this puts the spending control back into the House Appropriations Committees and cuts off the Continuing Resolution Obama piggy bank, then I think it is all we can reasonably expect short of winning some elections.

john - December 13, 2013

Yes, it was a good deal, maybe not great, but certainly not bad. Your expert said “no deal is far preferable to a bad deal.” A deal is preferrable to no deal and having a budget impasse back on the front page instead of the Obamacare Onion of Fail. You need to review the old line “the perfect is the enemy of the good.”

Richard Saville - December 13, 2013

we need to repeal Obamacare and stop the tax increases on the people in this country. Washington DC is the root of all evil and that’s money from us, they all want their hand in our pocket. we need to get rid of the lifetime politicians in this country.

Fredric Saunders - December 13, 2013

Was it a good deal? No, but we have to be realistic on what we can do until we win the Senate and White House. Obama has put himself on the ropes and we should keep him there without being tagged as obstructionists. Could we have negotiated a better deal? I doubt it.

John E. Schutt - December 13, 2013

I think it was a bad deal but am not sure how conservatives can fight the media, liberal Republicans, and the Democrats.

Mark - December 14, 2013

We are looking and waiting for our local elected Senators and Congressmen to lead us down to our county and state government buildings to stand in silent protest to the ever increasing poor legislation that will entrap our children in debt and overbearing socialist legislation for generations to come. We need our so called conservative party to Stop the Talk and start the Walk of saying NO to poor government legislation that enslaves us and say YES to many of the great suggestions coming out of your organization.

Claudia Olson - December 14, 2013

What I believe is that it is the best “deal” possible at this time. Even Reagan said that you don’t always get everything you want. Paul Ryan is a man of integrity. The American people are worn out with the dissension and becoming very discouraged – to the point that they would just as soon throw EVERYONE out (the good with the bad). We need to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” It is time for reconciliation among the Republican factions, and a prayerful hope for a better day, when we actually have the numbers we need to save our Republic from ruin.

Patty McHenry - December 14, 2013

I am an extremely conservative person. However, what the Tea Party & Heritage need to understand is that we don’t control the Senate or the White House. Ryan make a good compromise. Our goal should NOT be the small battles, but focus on the 2014 elections. We can’t do that if we shut down the gvt when we don’t get our way. After we have the Senate & the House, we can apply the brakes a bit.
Then really put them on when we get all 3 branches.
It’s important that the Republicans get their act together by agreeing on what they want. Our devisiveness will only keep us out of office.

And the Heritage Foundation should do a better job of managing its fiscal house. Getting a C- from Charity Watch means that YOU are wasting our precious donations. YOU should be ashamed of that. People in glass house shouldn’t be throwing stones.

Quinn Taplin - December 14, 2013

When we are dealing with Mr Brinksmanship Pres. Obama we need to fight to the brink also. He and these current Liberals and/or Democrats are very entrenched and stubborn which means Conservatives’ resolve needs to be equally powerful or suffer defeats legislatively. Where is our resolve? Do what is right for the country and let the elections fall where they may!

Roger Cable - December 14, 2013

This was a lousy deal for conservatives and a major victory for the Democrats. I called my representative, Ander Crenshaw, and told his staffer why he failed me again.

freddie lesan - December 14, 2013

Was the Ryan Murray budget a good deal—NO!! It is also always suspect when Boehner gets mad. Why is he disavowing so much of his base. We are simply against more spending and taxing and government growth. When are these guys gonna realize the fight is capitalism vs socialism?

George Warren - December 14, 2013

The big Breaking News for yesterday: Queen Elizabeth 2nd was furious about Buckingham Palace’s Police helping themselves to nuts left out in bowls in her royal residence.
Queen told Palace’s Police to keep their sticky fingers off her nuts!
As for us American TAX payers we have to stand-up to United States Congress and tell them to stop spending money we don’t have; the money bowls are almost empty. Americans have to also, tell our Congress to keep their sticky fingers off our money!

Gertrude Houchens - December 14, 2013

No deal is a good deal that increases taxes on Americans. WE ARE ALREADY BEING TAXED TO DEATH !! I like Paul Ryan, but where is his head in all this? I thought he was against raising taxes? Americans need a tax break if anything.

Lloyd Carlton - December 14, 2013

Not perfect, but achievable. We have to work within the constraints that currently exist and if we want real change, elect a conservative president and a Congress , too.

Ronald Stokes - December 14, 2013

No Ryan is not dealing Americans a good choice with this budget. No budget cuts. They could start with Congress salaries and benefits. Eliminate all conferences for departments and go after fraud in SS, Medicare and not fund Obama care.

John Huston - December 14, 2013

I think this work will help to throw a brick in front of the democratic, liberal machine. Too much would go no where in Harry’s senate. The liberals have been at this for over 70 years. When we take the Senate next year with more Tea Party backed republicans and then the President in 2016, we can roll up our sleeves and bring change that will build America back where she belongs.

Jeff Yetter - December 14, 2013

Correct,the short answer is NO. This shrinks or rolls back the government in no way. It needs no discussion.

A. Shepard - December 14, 2013

Ryan shows us that he is not a conservative.

Jim Anderson - December 14, 2013

While the budget deal was not totally in the best interest of Conservatives it is a deal to move forward on and fight the Liberals on Obamacare something we can win. Your recommendation of the Govt. shutdown last Fall was a poor strategy at best and hurt the Republicans. Obamacare has bailed us out. We have divided Govt. so until we capture the Senate we have no chance to advance the total Conservative agenda. Paul Ryan did a good job without much damage. So lets move on and fight the Liberals on Obamacare the real disaster the American people hate and offer a free market program next year one we can defeat all the Socialists running for election.

Holly Chapo - December 14, 2013

No, this is not a good deal. There may be a few parts that are beneficial but overall it’s more of the same coming out of Washington. Paul Ryan was on Hannity the other night to explain/defend his so-called “budget.” All it sounded like was typical Washington-speak with a bunch of gobbledegook thrown in. Where was the defunding of the unaffordable ACA? What about real cutbacks of spending for the administrative state that has NO Constitutional authority? Where were the cowardly Republicans in a position to fight back against a reckless administration? Once again it’s the American people who will get hit with the bill for all of this spending.

Trip Greditzer - December 14, 2013

Am getting tired of the continuos carping about this deal. Is it perfect…no. Is it the best could get …yes.
I would love to know what heritage would suggest in view of the fact they republicans are in the minority in Senate and we don’t hold the WH. We don’t have any possibility of a veto over ride. Shutdown government…yeah, worked real well the last time we tried.

Brian Marshall - December 14, 2013

If we are going to defeat Obamacare, we are going to need to win more elections. Unfortunately, encouraging a government shutdown does not help achieve that objective.

Duane Coleman - December 14, 2013

While I do not think the budget compromise was a good deal, I believe it to be in the best interests of the Republican Party. Because another shut-down would have ensued and the media would again blame the Republicans. I believe this compromise gives us the best opportunity to keep the House and regain the Senate. When this happens we can fix the budget the way it needs to be changed. Having retained the House and taking the Senate, enough Democrats would vote with us to be able to override Obama’s veto.

A J Kessel - December 14, 2013

What a namby- pamby travesty! The touch-feely’s got to stop.
Washington doesn’t appear to understand debt and it’s consequences touching every aspect the nation.

The House and the Senate need some really potent house cleaning. 2014 elections are the only means by which “we the people” can acquire a semblance of sanity on capitol hill and shut down the Czar in the White House. Keep up the good fight.


frank birri - December 14, 2013

This is probably not the best deal but is the best we could get a this time with only controlling one branch of the government. You cannot eat the elephant with one bite.

Deanna Gossen - December 15, 2013

Evidently NO! It seems that our Congresspeople are skilled or unskilled deceivers, out to keep their jobs until they retire. I do not trust any of them!

Pat Hartis - December 15, 2013

To avoid moving from one budget crisis to another we needed to get something the President would sign. Any revolution to reclaim conservative control of the federal government is not going to come is one fell swoop. We need to get control of the senate and take the leadership away from Harry Reid while retaining control of the House. We have to deal with Obama for the rest of his term but if we can get some kind of budget in place and have a conservative majority in BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS we can hold Obama accountable for his administration. VOTE!

Karl Stocker - December 15, 2013

Yes. I am looking at it in a practical way, and I am not getting weepy over the act of compromise. What it will prevent, as I see it, in a very important election year, are shrill accusations by Obama and the Left, laying the blame for anything and everything that may go wrong at the doorstep of the Republicans. We don’t need that. We need to win more seats, and if at all possible, wrest the Senate from Reid’s grasp. After that, with Congress in charge of both houses, and in charge of the budget, they can change anything they want. Without being publicly blamed for all of the synthetic crises that will be manufactured by the Executive Branch, were another shutdown to happen, the population can keep focused on the ACA calamity and the Democrats, who crammed it down their throats. Consider mine a strategic opinion.

Steve Parks - December 15, 2013

A “good deal”? I don’t think every deal has to be a “good deal”, in order to be the “right deal”. I’m a contributor to Heritage & a ‘believer’ in the principles: but we far too often (basically all the time) shoot ourselves in the foot by demanding perfection, or nothing – in both our “deals” and in our candidates. We don’t live in a perfect world, and it seems to be getting less perfect all the time, partly because we demand whole victories, or no victories at all. I like this deal because to me, it puts us in a positive light – in a winner’s circle — for a while, even if we don’t get everything on our checklist.

If we had an entire congress made up of Conservative Republicans, we’d find ways to fight with each other, just for the fun of fighting. Let’s stop the fighting and start remembering who the real enemy is — it’s not the Republicans. Let’s start taking victories, no matter how small, rather than sitting back and refusing to play the game because we can’t win the whole prize.

Dr. Bruce Beachnau - December 16, 2013

This was another bad deal put together by our RINOS. This is another reason why I do not donate to RNC or any other Republican national committee cause some of the money is funding the phony consultants in Washington, DC that have cost us two Republican presidencies. I donate to the candidates running for office or the Tea Party.

orville wilmot - December 16, 2013

obamacare shoulod be defunded as the money to fund it was taken from a fund that does not belong to the government amen .medicare was set up by by the government as a private account for the true american seniors who when become retirement age to use it amen . it’s totally funded by the working americans to only be used by them as they retire amen government pays nothing into this account and they own none of it at all amen .and it is not any part of their budget either .amen .and it is not an entitlement .it’s our money the american seniors not the governments amen .all monies taken from it by obama for obamacare was really stolen amen . put our money back now
w amen .

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