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Potential GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson visited The Heritage Foundation today for a series of briefings with Heritage policy experts. Carson heard from Heritage experts on critical issues like Obamacare, government spending and debt, immigration, energy, education, foreign policy, national defense, and more.

Carson is among the first of the 2016 presidential hopefuls to come to Heritage for issue guidance. Heritage makes its conservative analysis available to all candidates from any political party.

Read more about Heritage’s recommendations in our 192-page conservative policy agenda, Opportunity for All, Favoritism for None.

Local governments are increasingly enacting legislation to protect workers’ right not to join a union. Bloomberg’s Bureau of National Affairs reports (subscription only) that The Heritage Foundation has played a big role in this effort:

The local right-to-work strategy was conceived last year after the Heritage Foundation published a policy brief, “Local Governments Can Increase Job Growth and Choices by Passing Right-to-Work Laws.” The brief pointed to a series of legal ambiguities within Section 14(b) and asserted that Congress had not clearly preempted local units of government from enacting their own ordinances governing union security agreements.

The brief encouraged cities and counties to “experiment” with such measures, particularly in states with little appetite for full-fledged right-to-work laws.

Be sure to read the report by Heritage’s James Sherk and Andrew Kloster that started it all.

Do you agree with the push for local right-to-work laws?

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Martin Luther King may not have been a conservative, but his vision for America as a place of opportunity for all is entirely consistent with conservative principles. At this time of division in our country, it is important to look back at leaders like King who promoted unity and the dignity of the human person.

His advocacy of universal morality and the inherent rights of the individual puts him squarely in line with leaders like Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. In a new Heritage Foundation report, Peter Myers writes that what Lincoln said of Jefferson could have just as easily been said of King: Continue Reading »

Roll Call is newspaper everyone on the Hill reads. If you want to get your message to the people who will make a difference in Washington, there’s no better place to publish than Roll Call.

So when Heritage Action for America CEO Mike Needham and Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint wanted to get the word out on conservative policy solutions, they knew exactly where to go. They write:

Over the past several years, conservative rising stars and outside scholars have produced a wide array of innovative policy solutions that provide a real governing vision. Those proposals could serve not only as the framework for a year of meaningful legislative action, but also as the core elements of the next president’s first-year legislative agenda . . .We write today as conservatives eager to see the Republican Party be more true to its declared principles and for the left’s populist rhetoric to be exposed for the sham that it is. Through subsidies, bailouts and anti-competitive regulations, big government has done far more to enrich and entrench the powerful than it has done to help working Americans struggling to overcome joblessness, dependency and stagnating wages.

If conservative legislation is going to succeed, we need lawmakers on our side. This means we need to connect with their staffs and make the case to them–and that’s exactly what Needham and DeMint looking to do.

Do you think it’s just as important to reach out to lawmakers as it is to make the case to the American people?

Heritage Foundation expert James Sherk explains in USA Today that Obamacare and other liberal policies actually suppress wages:

Economic theory predicts that when benefit costs rise, employers cut wages. Empirical research confirms this prediction. Ironically, some of the most rigorous evidence for offsetting wage cuts comes from Jonathan Gruber, the Obamacare architect who boasted the health law takes advantage of Americans’ “stupidity.”

This raises the question of who liberal policies actually benefit if not workers. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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