President Obama’s “historic” agreement  with China on climate change will cost you more money. Not only will it raise energy costs for all Americans, it will weaken our economy and decrease our nation’s competitive advantage.

Heritage Foundation expert Nick Loris explains the absurd logic of the deal:

China’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is akin to a pledge from a broke, addicted gambler to his bookie to pay later.  China is telling the United States to make the economic sacrifices and restrict its energy use now, and China will start reducing its emissions beginning in 2030. 

Read more about why this is a raw deal.

What do you think of President Obama’s climate deal?

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has ruled out any cooperation with the United States against the Islamic State. (Photo: Newscom)

Many in the foreign policy community are arguing that the United States should cooperate with Iran against the Islamic State. Especially worrisome, President Obama seems to have bought into the idea as well, given rumors of a secret letter by President Obama to the Ayatollah. This is a very bad idea, The Heritage Foundation’s James Phillips explains.

For one thing, Ayatollah Khamenei himself has publicly ruled out any cooperation with the United States in fighting the Islamic State. He even went so far as to blame America for its creation. Iran is not the kind of ally we want, or need, in this fight.

Iran is a state-sponsor of terrorism and opposes American aims in Iraq. Tehran openly supports and funds groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, and Palestinian Jihad. Their support of Shia militias in Iraq helped kill hundreds of American troops.

Heritage’s James Carafano agrees. He said Iran and the United States have a common interest in Iraq “much in the way a robber and a customer have a common interest in a bank.”

Should the United States enlist the help of Iran to help defeat ISIS?

President Obama misunderstands the powers and responsibilities of his office, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint said on Fox News this week. This complicates his relationship with the new Congress.

The president takes an oath to faithfully execute the laws. It’s not his job to create the laws. So when he says, “If Congress doesn’t act, I will,” that’s against his oath of office, against the Constitution. He is supposed to faithfully execute the laws that are passed by Congress. He needs to work with them to pass some laws that will move this country in the right direction, not create them on his own.

Are you optimistic that President Obama will work with the new Congress?

Congress returned to Washington this week for its post-election lame duck session. Heritage Foundation Jim DeMint urges all Americans to stay vigilant through the end of the year, since lame duck sessions are when some of the worst laws are passed.

While the natural tendency is to tune out after elections, a lame duck session, or what Jim colorfully calls a “zombie Congress,” is one of the most dangerous periods in the legislative cycle:

With no electorate to appease, the newly politically ‘deceased’ members have no incentive to restrain their more base urges to feast upon the hard-earned tax dollars of the living.

Outgoing liberals could try to push through bad legislation between now and the end of the year, including a massive omnibus spending bill, new taxes, and corporate welfare for “green” companies. Liberals may also try to stymie opposition to President Obama’s unilateral grant of amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Do you think liberals should be able to push through their radical legislation in a lame duck session of Congress?

Heritage's James Dean, second from right, won an award from Poland for his work to advance freedom. Photo:  Matthew Stefanski, Embassy of Poland

Heritage’s James Dean, second from right, won an award from Poland for his work to advance freedom. Photo: Matthew Stefanski, Embassy of Poland

The Heritage Foundation’s James Dean was recognized by the Republic of Poland last week for his “outstanding contribution to the building of democratic society and democratic institutions.”

During Independence Day celebrations at the Polish Embassy in Washington, Dean was awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland by Ambassador Ryszard Schnepf.

Dean, who works at Heritage to communicate conservative ideas to America’s allies and build international coalitions for freedom, said he “feel[s] fortunate, humbled, and truly honored.”

Do you think it’s important to secure conservative ideas across the globe?

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