It’s the “greatest government overreach that no one is talking about,” according to Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI).

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He is talking about Operation Choke Point, an initiative headed by the Justice Department and carried out by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation that aims to cut off “high risk” business from banking services. This includes perfectly legal businesses like coin-dealers, pharmaceutical sales and, unsurprisingly, fire-arm dealers.

The Heritage Foundation’s news team at The Daily Signal has been covering Operation Choke Point for months. Our reporters have won exclusive interviews with small business owners victimized by this program, driving awareness of the issue in Washington and nationwide.

Duffy held a hearing yesterday with FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg. Afterwards, Duffy sat down with the Daily Signal to talk about the investigation, and accused Gruenberg of stonewalling the investigation:

It’s pretty clear that Martin Gruenberg is part of this targeting. He’s known that this has been going on for years and hasn’t held anyone accountable. I think the reason is that he approves of the targeting of these [industries].

Do you think the government should be held accountable for Operation Choke Point? 

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Heritage legal expert Hans von Spakovsky testified before a House committee last month on the consequences for election integrity of President Obama’s amnesty. After his testimony, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) personally thanked von Spakovsky for his comments.

On average, the combined cost of means-tested welfare benefits currently received . . . and potential Obamacare benefits would come to $17,800 per year per DAPA family . . . The aggregate cost would be over $35 billion per year.

Heritage Foundation expert Robert Rector testifying before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee this week

The Heritage Foundation’s Twitter account, including Heritage President Jim DeMint’s, is the most-followed Twitter account among potential GOP presidential candidates, Bloomberg Politics reports.


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Also check out the video about it from yesterday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC.

This is a great demonstration of the influence that Heritage has on behalf of conservative principles. And it’s a great example of how much impact you are having on the country through your support of Heritage.

What do you think about this? Is it important that 15 of the 17 2016 presidential hopefuls follow Jim DeMint and Heritage?

This week, Congress is faced with a decision: cut Medicare physicians’ pay by 21 percent or charge American taxpayers $175 billion over the next ten years. Writing for The Hill, Heritage Foundation expert, Bob Moffit, has some suggestions for lawmakers as they consider the so-called “doc-fix” legislation:

This is an opportunity for Congress to start a bigger conversation on Medicare. In the meantime, Congress should modernize traditional Medicare, make it more patient-centered by creating a sensible and simpler benefit design, and free doctors and medical professionals from a costly and overly bureaucratic system that serves neither them nor their patients well.

One more thing: Congress should do it without adding one red cent to the deficit.

Read Moffit’s full article in The Hill.

What do you think: Is Moffit right? Should Congress reform Medicare or simply pass the “doc-fix” bill?

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