Ever wonder what a day in the life of a Heritage expert is like? Take a look at Norbert Michel’s daily schedule to see how your support is being put to use.

Daily Schedule:

7:00 am – In the office, bright-and-early. Check Twitter, Facebook, The Daily Signal, Wall Street Journal and Politico Pro for the latest news.

8:00 – 9:00 am – Final draft of new Backgrounder showing how bipartisan “reform” measure in the Senate is fatally flawed. More proof that Democrats and Republicans get housing finance issues wrong. Very important for Heritage to lead the way to the right solutions. Continue Reading »

The liberals are worried. According to leaked top-secret documents from the Democracy Alliance – a network of liberal billionaires – the left is being hit hard by the real democracy represented by Heritage, our sister organization Heritage Action for Ameica, and Heritage Action’s national network of Sentinels. In their own documents, the Democracy Alliance frets about Obamacare’s “rocky rollout” (their words), and conservative governors like Scott Walker (R-WI) who have “targeted public sector unions” and “weakened their position as a major source of progressive political financing.”

At the grassroots, it looks like the left is outnumbered, no matter how much money they spend.

Heritage Action has built a network of more than 8,500 Sentinels who are pushing for limited government and less spending. And their Sentinels are getting results. Continue Reading »

Welcome to the world of cronyism—the costly, unseemly system that allows politicians and lobbyists to break the trust of the American people without breaking a single law. Favors are traded, the system is gamed and hard-working U.S. taxpayers are left to foot the bill.

Heritage is working on your behalf to highlight this insidious link and give you and your fellow taxpayers a voice against cronyism. Continue Reading »

David Azerrad

David Azerrad

At The Heritage Foundatiomn, there’s a unifying force for every public policy question: the First Principles established by America’s Founding Fathers. We asked David Azerrad, director of Heritage’s B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics, for his insights on what First Principles mean for Heritage, our supporters, and our great nation.

How would you define First Principles?

First Principles are the bedrock principles that guide our thinking. For any worldview there must be a North Star from which you take your bearings. First Principles are conservatives’ North Star—timeless guiding principles on the basis of which we address specific policy questions. Continue Reading »

Heritage experts have been working long hours to figure out what’s actually in the $1.1 trillion, 1,603-page “cromnibus” spending bill released last night.

A few things they’ve learned. The bill

More updates are sure to come as our experts work through the massive bill before tomorrow’s expected vote. Get all the latest from Heritage experts on The Daily Signal.

Want to read the bill yourself? Heritage’s Genevieve Wood offers tips on how to read bills like this.

Do you think this bill advances your conservative principles?

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