Heritage Is ‘Formidable in the World of Think Tanks’


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Since Jim DeMint took their reins at Heritage last year, The Heritage Foundation has become an even more powerful force for conservative ideas.

“The one-two punch of scholarly research and grassroots activism has made Heritage formidable in the world of think tanks,” McClatchy’s William Douglas writes.

Douglas explains Heritage’s new assertiveness: Continue Reading »

Video: Jim DeMint Exposes President Obama’s Amnesty on CNN


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President Obama’s amnesty is both unlawful and “unfair to those who have come here the legal way,” Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer yesterday.

Despite the President’s rhetoric, DeMint argued during the ten-minute interview, giving work permits to those who came here illegally amounts to amnesty.

DeMint’s interview ensured that millions of Americans heard a principled, conservative alternative to the liberal spin on amnesty.

Watch the video above and tell us you think about this abuse of presidential power in the comments below.

Video: Will President Obama Work with the New Congress?

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President Obama misunderstands the powers and responsibilities of his office, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint said on Fox News this week. This complicates his relationship with the new Congress.

The president takes an oath to faithfully execute the laws. It’s not his job to create the laws. So when he says, “If Congress doesn’t act, I will,” that’s against his oath of office, against the Constitution. He is supposed to faithfully execute the laws that are passed by Congress. He needs to work with them to pass some laws that will move this country in the right direction, not create them on his own.

Are you optimistic that President Obama will work with the new Congress?

Jim DeMint Warns of a Dangerous ‘Zombie Congress’


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Congress returned to Washington this week for its post-election lame duck session. Heritage Foundation Jim DeMint urges all Americans to stay vigilant through the end of the year, since lame duck sessions are when some of the worst laws are passed.

While the natural tendency is to tune out after elections, a lame duck session, or what Jim colorfully calls a “zombie Congress,” is one of the most dangerous periods in the legislative cycle:

With no electorate to appease, the newly politically ‘deceased’ members have no incentive to restrain their more base urges to feast upon the hard-earned tax dollars of the living.

Outgoing liberals could try to push through bad legislation between now and the end of the year, including a massive omnibus spending bill, new taxes, and corporate welfare for “green” companies. Liberals may also try to stymie opposition to President Obama’s unilateral grant of amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Do you think liberals should be able to push through their radical legislation in a lame duck session of Congress?

The Ex-Im Bank Is ‘Primarily a Marriage Between Big Government and a Few Big Businesses’


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“Note the ‘unknown’ section. This isn’t a fluke: Ex-Im routinely loses track of whom they’ve been helping.” -Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint

Ending the Export-Import Bank is important, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint writes:

Ex-Im is rife with corruption, doesn’t promote competition, costs taxpayers billions of dollars and threatens American jobs.  It’s all about politically connected big businesses getting bigger with help from Uncle Sam. It’s not fair, not necessary, and shouldn’t be a hard decision for Congress.

The Export-Import Bank will end in September if Congress does not reauthorize the program. Liberals like Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are pushing hard to extend it.

Read more of Heritage’s research on the Ex-Im Bank here.

Do you think Congress should continue the Export-Import Bank or allow it to end?

Heritage Led the Charge that Stopped EPA Overreach


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This is a big win for conservatives.

Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency tried to quietly put in place a regulation allowing the agency to garnish workers’ wages without first obtaining a court order. This was bad enough. But the EPA also tried to enact this rule without first going through the usual comment and review procedures.

Yesterday, the EPA withdrew the rule. And The Heritage Foundation played a big role in this victory.

Here’s how it happened, as Heritage President Jim DeMint explained in an e-mail to supporters: Continue Reading »

Why Conservatives Should Favor Free Enterprise, Not Crony Capitalism


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All too many politicians are willing to use the power of big government to strengthen the position of corporate interests, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham explain in The Weekly Standard.

There’s a big difference between being pro-business in this sense and being pro-free enterprise. Free enterprise gets government out of the way and doesn’t reward the politically well-connected.

Conservatives, DeMint and Needham argue, should take a stand against cronyism and come down solidly on the side of free enterprise.

“Whether it’s ending Ex-Im, killing subsidies, or preventing further bailouts, conservatives have a sterling opportunity at this moment of uncertainty to reintroduce themselves to their countrymen as their legitimate advocates in Washington,” DeMint and Needham write. “They can hold the feet of faux-populist progressives to the fire, exposing them as the real shills for corporate interests.”

Read the whole piece here.

Do you think conservatives should favor big business or free enterprise?

North Korea Is a Good Reminder of the Importance of Freedom

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Last month, Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint visited the demilitarized zone on the border between North Korea and South Korea. While he was there, something happened that reminded him of how grateful he is for the liberties we as Americans enjoy.

Writing for the Daily Signal, DeMint explains what he saw: Continue Reading »

Japanese Prime Minister Meets with Heritage Experts

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Continuing their Asian tour this week, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint and Founder Ed Feulner met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and members of the Diet yesterday in Tokyo. The meeting focused in particular on defense issues.

Japanese press were waiting to talk with DeMint when he left:

Jim DeMint, center, speaks with press in Tokyo yesterday.

Jim DeMint, center, speaks with press in Tokyo yesterday.

Ryan Anderson and Jim DeMint Promote Religious Liberty in Hawaii

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Heritage President Jim DeMint addresses conservatives in Honolulu last week.

Heritage President Jim DeMint addresses conservatives in Honolulu last week. Photo: Chas Hendrickson

More than 100 Hawaii conservatives joined Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint in Honolulu last week for an event about the importance of limited government, religious liberty, and traditional marriage.

Heritage’s Ryan Anderson led a discussion with Jim Hochberg, president of Hawaii Family Advocates, about the liberty that’s at stake in the debate over marriage.

The conservative cause faces an uphill battle in the Aloha State. For example, just one state Senator is a Republican, making Hawaii’s the most lopsided legislative chamber in the country. (That senator,  Sam Slom, joined us for the event.)

This was the first public event in Hawaii featuring a Heritage president in more than a quarter century.

Heritage continues to focus on advancing conservative solutions across the entire country. All of what we do, including in the 50th state, is made possible by Heritage supporters and grassroots activists.

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