No Easy Fixes in Iraq, But Action Is Necessary Nonetheless

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Iraq is a mess. Caught between sectarian friction and open conflict with ISIS, Iraq is in need of serious support. But how can the U.S. help? And how much of a threat is ISIS? What will be Iraq’s future?

At a recent Heritage Foundation event, these questions were specifically addressed. The event, moderated by Heritage fellow Peter Brookes, brought together some of the top experts on military affairs and the Middle East, including Heritage’s Steve Bucci, Stephen J. Hadley, and Mary Habeck. Continue Reading »

How Heritage Is Leading the Way on Ukraine, Israel, and Illegal Immigration

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President Obama’s misguided leadership on the world stage is taking a very real toll. And the Heritage Foundation is educating lawmakers and the American people on the facts.

Just yesterday, Malaysia Airlines flight 17 was shot down by a missile over Eastern Ukraine. The White House suspects that Russian rebels–supplied by Vladimir Putin’s government despite the administration’s “reset”–shot down the plane. To help guide the debate over next steps, Heritage experts posted an analysis of the events and what may have caused them on The Daily Signal. Heritage’s Peter Brookes discussed the outrageous incident on CNBC, and other experts are scheduled to appear this weekend on other national TV outlets.

In Israel, Hamas militants have launched another series of indiscriminate missile attacks on Israeli civilians. Israel has responded with targeted attacks on Hamas militants. Heritage’s Steve Bucci explains the moral difference between Hamas and Israel. Michaela Dodge answers your questions about the Iron Dome program that defends Israel from Hamas rockets. And James Phillips warns that “the eruption of the third Gaza war since 2008 is yet another manifestation of the growing threat posed by Islamist militants within an increasingly unstable Middle East. “

Closer to home, our borders are being assaulted by illegal immigrants. The most recent wave of young people from Latin America appears directly inspired by President Obama’s unilateral promise of amnesty to minors. Immigration is one of The Heritage Foundation’s priority issues, and experts have been working to expose the flaws in the administration’s plans and to propose a conservative alternative that secures the border and upholds the rule of law.

Heritage Vice President James Carafano points out that only Heritage is able to provide this kind of in-depth analysis on so many issues at once. “No other think tank is handling all these issues at the depth we are on the Hill and the media all at the same time,” he said.

Do you think these policy events can be linked to the Obama administration’s policies?

Once Again, the Liberal Media Is Unfairly Characterizing Conservatives


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An event about the Benghazi attacks held at The Heritage Foundation on Monday sparked intense, but respectful, debate about the 2012 terrorist assault on the American consulate that left four dead.

But once again, the liberal media took the opportunity to unfairly characterize conservatives. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank completely misrepresented what happened during a question-and-answer session during the event. He said the panelists rudely “attacked” and “pounced” on the questioner.

Milbank’s account was so incredible that others in the media leapt to Heritage’s defense. Politico, for example, pointed out that the video shows the panelists not mocking the questioner but thanking her. The facts just don’t support Milbank’s wild claims.

Watch video of the Q&A and see for yourself:

It’s precisely because the mainstream media has such bias that The Heritage Foundation started the Daily Signal: to expose the truth about what’s happening in America.

What the Obama Administration Should Be Doing to Combat Al-Qaeda in Iraq


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The resurgence of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, formerly known as Al-Qaeda in Iraq, can be blamed on the lack of US-Iraqi cooperation, Heritage’s James Phillips reports.

“The abrupt U.S. military exit greatly weakened Iraqi counterterrorism, intelligence gathering, and special-operations capabilities, allowing Al-Qaeda to revive in a more permissive environment,” he argues.

To combat terrorism, Phillips recommends that the Obama administration:

  1. Provide arms and assistance to help Iraq defeat ISIS; and
  2. Press Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to reconcile with Iraq’s Sunni Arab and Kurdish leaders; and
  3. Normalize relations with Iraq’s Kurdish political parties.

Read more about his recommendations here.

What do you think the Obama administration should do to combat terrorism in Iraq?

Did the CIA Cherry-Pick Benghazi Intelligence for Political Reasons?


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Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Heritage Foundation expert Helle Dale reports on compelling new details about the Obama administration’s manipulation of the facts about the attack on America’s consulate in Benghazi, Libya:

The original CIA talking points on Benghazi were quite comprehensive and included information on al-Qaeda activity in the Benghazi area. In the interagency vetting process, however, this paragraph raised red flags at Hillary Clinton’s State Department, which had failed miserably at providing adequate protection against terrorists for U.S. diplomats stationed in Libya. Morell took it upon himself to edit out any reference to al-Qaeda, and blamed the attack on an anti-American demonstration. The remainder of the talking points was toothless pabulum.

Continue Reading »

Video: Peter Brookes Explains the Terror Threat in Sochi

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Terrorists have threatened to attack the Winter Olympics at Sochi, and “we have to take them at their word,” Heritage Foundation national security expert Peter Brookes said yesterday on CNN’s Situation Room.

Russian officials have created a security cordon around Sochi. By limiting vehicle access, officials can keep track of everyone coming in and going out of the “ring.”

Despite Russia’s efforts to flood the area with security, however, Brookes maintains that it’s still a dangerous situation. Terrorists “could have somebody inside this ‘ring of steel’ already,” he warned.

Terrorists don’t even need to strike the games themselves to make themselves felt, he added. Any attack within Russia will be viewed as compromising the security of the games.

Do you think Russia can protect the Olympic Games? Watch the whole video above and tell us in the comments

Why Americans Should Be Concerned About Terrorism in Russia


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The terrorist bombings in Russia last month, allegedly perpetrated by Islamist militants from the Caucasus region, raise questions about whether next month’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia will be secure.

While this may seem like a purely regional or local conflict, Americans can become targets, Heritage Foundation expert Peter Brooks reminds us.

Moreover, the attacks should remind us that President Putin’s stepped-up security efforts may not be successful. The targets are many, the country is vast, and the Russian security standards need improvement.

Heritage experts Ariel Cohen and Cassandra Lucaccioni recommend that Moscow look to outsiders for security assistance: Continue Reading »

Why Terrorists Attacked a Shopping Mall in Kenya


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Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. (Photo: George Mulala/Polaris/Newscom)

The terrorist attack at a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya that killed more than 60 innocent people and injured 150 leaves many questions to be answered.

The Heritage Foundation’s Charlotte Florance explains why al-Shabaab, a Somali terrorist group, attacked Kenya:

Al-Shabaab wants Kenya and all other foreign troops present in Somalia to leave immediately. Kenya moved into southern Somalia in 2011 to expel al-Shabaab from strategic locations, including the port of Kismayo, that they used receive supplies and to launch piracy attacks in the Indian Ocean. There are currently about 4,000 Kenyan troops in Somalia. Al-Shabaab has been threatening reprisal attacks for Kenyan military activities within Somalia for the past two years, but none of the attacks has been as large as the Westgate Mall attack.

Florance gives more background on al-Shabaab and why they targeted the shopping mall on The Foundry.

What do you think about this attack? Tell us in the comments.

We Will Never Forget September 11, 2001

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Twelve years ago today, the men and women getting ready to go to work at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, or boarding planes for the West Coast, didn’t know their lives would change forever.

The Heritage Foundation’s Amy Payne offers a few reflections in today’s Morning Bell:

That day will forever serve as a generation’s reminder of the fragility of life. Today, we give thanks for those who survived. We remember those who were lost in the horrific terrorist attacks. And we salute all the heroes who set aside their own safety in the chaos of that day to help their fellow Americans—whether firefighters, police, emergency responders, or strangers in the crowd.

We will never forget.

Why the Syrian Rebels Are Important to U.S. Interests

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President Obama’s recent flailing on Syria policy has exposed a longstanding weakness in his approach to that country’s civil war: how the United States deals with the disparate rebel groups fighting Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Failure could lead to a radical Islamist outpost in the heart of the Middle East.

While much remains unclear about the rebels, we do know that they include both secular groups and al Qaeda-linked Islamist militants, The Heritage Foundation’s Charlotte Florance explains. And worryingly, she points out that “the al-Qaeda-linked groups remain the best financed, best armed, best organized, and most seasoned fighters.”

Yet even as the administration makes plans to intervene in Syria, Washington has failed to engage the opposition. This is a big mistake, Florance explains: Continue Reading »

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