national debt burden

Thanks to our government’s inability to spend within its means, a baby born today will shoulder $39,500 worth of debt. And by the time that child is graduated from college, his share of the U.S. debt will be a sickening $142,000.

See more charts like this at Heritage’s 2014 Federal Budget in Pictures. 

Do you think it’s time for the government to cut spending and rein in the debt?

Scotland’s vote Thursday to remain part of the United Kingdom is a boon to the United States, including our fight against terrorist groups like ISIS.

“If Great Britain breaks apart, that’s a terrible thing for the British people, and a very bad thing for America as well,” Heritage Foundation expert Nile Gardiner said in a pre-vote analysis yesterday on Fox News.

Britain is a critical ally for the United States, and a “yes” vote could have had serious implications for our Special Relationship. Read more in The Daily Signal.

What do you think of the Scots’ decision to remain part of Britain?

More States Rejecting Common Core

More and more states are withdrawing from participation in Common Core, the one-size-fits-all education scheme pushed by the federal government.

Widespread frustration with Common Core–parents, teachers, and students alike are pushing back–is leading more states to take back their education autonomy.

Heritage education expert Lindsey Burke explains that Ohio is the latest state to buck the standards.

What do you think of this push back against Common Core?

Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks at Heritage about his new energy policy. Photo: Steven Purcell

Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks at Heritage about his new energy policy. Photo: Steven Purcell

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal unveiled a new energy platform for America in a speech today at The Heritage Foundation.

Noting that the United States has the largest natural energy resources in the world, even larger than those in Russia and Saudi Arabia, Jindal argued for expanded energy production to create jobs and strengthen the economy.

The oil and gas industry employs millions of Americans, and “millions of more jobs could be created if the federal government simply stays out of the way,” Jindal said. Continue Reading »

Economist Thomas Piketty made headlines earlier this year–and gave comfort to liberals–with a provocative new book predicting permanently-rising inequality and recommending massive wealth transfers.

The problem is, Heritage Foundation economists Curtis Dubay and Salim Furth write in a new report, Piketty’s claims rest on dubious premises. In fact, “almost nothing in Capital in the Twenty-First Century can be usefully applied to policymaking.”

You can use this chart to rebut liberals who use Piketty to defend their claims:

What do you think are the best arguments you use when debating liberals?

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