November 25, 2013

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. Photo: Newscom

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. Photo: Newscom

Heritage Foundation vice president James Carafano explains on National Review Online why he’s skeptical of the nuclear deal with Iran announced this weekend:

The cold fact about the Iranian nuclear freeze is this: Any diplomatic deal that is not grounded in shared interests or a common sense of justice will surely fail. There is no evidence Iran shares either with the West. The negotiations with Iran bear too many similarities with the most spectacular failures in diplomatic history to leave any hope for optimism.

Heritage’s Peter Brookes warned last week that “not being tough enough on Iran — whether with new sanctions or at the Geneva talks — may actually propel the simmering crisis toward armed conflict despite intentions to do otherwise.”

What do you think of the deal with Iran?

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Claude Lumpkin - November 26, 2013

This deal will go down in history in conjunction with Chamberlain’s Munich agreement and the German-Soviet non-Aggression Pact. Neither resulted in the peace that the gullible party was desirous of achieving.

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